Actionable, robust & real time workplace health and safety solution

Detect, alert, & report on social distancing, PPE Compliance & Mask detection to improve the safety at workplace

How it works?

In the wake of a pandemic, people, policy, and technology steal more limelight than ever before. Organizations need to proactively adapt and respond to the operational challenges posed by the crisis. EmpiricAi’s WorkSafe Analytics can help accelerate an organization’s ability to effectively implement new workplace safety standards while empowering employees as part of the new normal business operations. Our solution leverages computer vision, Bluetooth, and GPS technologies to present a comprehensive view of workplace safety and compliance.


Our computer vision technology uses CCTV and drone cameras to take footage and live videos, which are then processed in real-time by our proprietary algorithms to monitor and generate alerts and BI reports on workplace health and safety. We also offer mobile applications that can be installed on wearables, such as smartphones, watches and fitbits having Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. The device then tracks social distancing and raises threshold crossing alerts. EmpiricAI’s state-of-the-art WorkSafe Analytics enables organizations to effectively implement social distancing and safety standards on their premises.

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