Improve workplace safety – monitor, detect & report

Empowering businesses to proactively monitor & mitigate health & safety risks in the workplace

Our WorkSafe Analytics platform empowers businesses to proactively monitor and mitigate risks, rather than react after incidents occur

Using Computer Vision, WorkSafe Analytics (WSA) offers organisations real-time monitoring and detection of social distancing, occupancy levels and mask usage, highlighting specific actions to mitigate any risk as and when they occur.

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WorkSafe Analytics

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Core Features

COVID-19 related AI-powered insights, analytics and recommendations to help safeguard you against the spread of the pandemic and ensure the safety of your workforce while maintaining maximum productivity at a distance.

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Benefits to you

WorkSafe Analytics dashboards and alerts allow you to monitor and validate COVID safety compliance, reduce risk in real-time, address any problems early on and prevent workplace closures.

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How it works

Our solution leverages AI-powered computer vision technology to present a comprehensive view of workplace safety and compliance.

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WorkSafe Analytics - Beyond COVID

Beyond covid

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