Monitor & mitigate health & safety risks, hazards and product defects in the workplace

Historically, health and safety and risk management aspects within a business often relied on visual observation, an approach that was prone to human error, inconsistencies and distraction. Our AI-driven Computer Vision solution, WorkSafe Analytics, overcomes this because it replaces manual monitoring and point solutions with accurate, and comprehensive 24/7 real-time monitoring, detection and analysis through existing CCTV systems.

Our advanced analytics provide specific insights on where to improve health & safety performance, recognise hazards, defects and non-compliance through single images. The benefit for organisations is that it not only engrains health & safety at all levels and creates a workforce that feels more confident, translating into greater productivity and improved staff retention.

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WorkSafe Analytics

Integrated software solution which uses AI-powered Computer Vision technology to detect and monitor health and safety compliance and risks in the workplace. This includes:

Benefits of WorkSafe Analytics

Staff safety & wellbeing:

Business disruption:

Productivity & quality control:

Industry regulatory guidelines:

Leverages existing technology:

core features

core features

How it works

Our solution leverages AI-powered Computer Vision technology to present a comprehensive view of workplace safety and compliance.

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