We are a leading provider of Technology Enabled Services to industrial customers through AI-based advanced analytics solutions that empower industries to improve yield, reduce costs, and improve reliability. While offering our services, either dealing with customers’ selected technology or applying our propriety AI models to our customers’ plant data, we deliver real, quantifiable, and valuable outcomes through process optimization, energy conservation, and asset reliability. Leveraging our deep vertical domain knowledge, data science, and software development expertise, we continue to develop and innovate AI-based industrial IoT solutions that have a global outreach. Our purpose-built applications ingest and analyze sensor data, transforming it into actionable insights and immediate outcomes.


We leverage on our core expertise in EDA, IDA, predictive and prescriptive data analysis, ETL techniques, big data handling, statistics modeling, deep learning and neural networks to develop sophisticated data science models for our customers to solve complex problems.


Our in-house subject matter experts in industries like petroleum, petrochemicals, power generation and chemical processes develop engineering models using software technologies such as Ebsilon, Gate cycle and Aspen to solve problems for our customers.


We provide custom software development services including Web and mobile Application Development, UI/UX development, 3rd party integrations, cloud and on-premise deployment, monitoring and administration services, data mapping and transfer services, recovery and backup services, data integrity and validation services, analytics and dashboards, cyber security services and database management.


Programming Languages

Python, R, Java, Java Script, Dot NET, C# and C++


Oracle, Apache Cassandra, SQL Server, My SQL, AWS RDS, Postgres SQL Server, MySQL, Aurora, Apache Cassandra and MongoDB


Azure, GE Predix, Siemens Mindsphere and AWS Cloud

Frameworks & Libraries

Flask, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, Numpy, MatplotLib, Keras, Fb Prophet, Plotly, and H2O

Code Editors/IDEs

Hadoop, Jupyter Notebook, PyCharm, R-Studio and Eclipse.

Frontend Development

React Native, Expo, JavaScript, Native-base, HTML5, CSS3, High charts, , jQuery UI, High stocks, NodeJS and PolymerJS


Historians (Proficy, PI etc), Ebsilon Professional, Gate cycle, EBS Open SDK, APIs

Code Management

Artifactory, Jenkins, Cloud Foundry, Docker container and Github

Data Visualization & Dashboards

Tableau, Spotfire, Power BI, QlikView