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Are people still needed in quality roles?

The limitations of manual based quality control systems is a major concern for manufacturers where human resource is costly, physically limiting or where staff are required to operate in areas that has safety risks. In our blog, we look at the benefits of Computer Vision in these areas and how it can reliably execute the same quality control task over and over without human error caused by distraction or boredom.

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EPCL leverages Computer Vision AI to enhance Health and Safety monitoring

Read how a focus on real-time data, cutting edge Computer Vision AI technology and constant improvement is transforming health, safety, and performance at this leading manufacturer.

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Four ways that construction will benefit from AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaping the way a number of industries do business, and construction is no exception. Indeed, according to one report, the market for Artificial Intelligence in construction will be worth $4.5bn by 2026. That growth is fuelled by a growing demand for efficiency in design and planning, as well as the need to effectively mitigate risk and improve quality standards. So where will we see that demand?

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Computer Vision AI - training computers to see like humans

In the industrial and corporate sectors there is a very limited amount of tangible data with which to solve problems - the need to socially distance or wear a facemask, for example. Despite that, we’ve developed a framework that can work with and learn from small datasets to meet the demands of companies in corporate and industrial sectors.

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Why AI-powered Computer Vision has redefined surveillance

Our CEO, Salman Chaudhary, talks to International Security Journal (ISJ) about how AI powered Computer Vision is having a positive impact on public safety and security due to its ability to identify suspicious behaviour, traffic issues, manage overcrowding and much more.

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Computer Vision AI sees the way forward

Our CEO, Salman Chaudhary, talks to Construction Europe about why Computer Vision AI offers a glimpse of the future of health & safety in the construction sector

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How does Computer Vision compare to other health & safety tech?

Moreover, these technologies are presenting clear opportunities to build safer, smarter working environments. So, what’s out there and how does Computer Vision compare?

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5 Practical applications for Computer Vision AI in construction

Health and safety managers are finding that they need to adapt and innovate – and for an increasing number, that involves leveraging new technologies like Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Smart Infrastructure

How Computer Vision AI will create smarter buildings

The emergence of smart buildings, incorporating sensors, big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), promises to usher in a new age of understanding. Our CEO, Salman Chaudhary, talks to Smart Infrastructure Magazine about how it will be Computer Vision AI that will make the biggest impact.


Using Computer Vision AI to improve site safety

Housebuilder magazine talks to our CEO, Salman Chaudhary, about how to improve health and safety in the construction sector by raising awareness of Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence. Here he considers why it can be cost-effective and looks at practical applications